About Us


BITS Packers & transporters is a Delhi-NCR based transport company provides transport service presently from Delhi-NCR to all over INDIA. BITS is a Goods Transport Agency which provides all service related to transportation of goods. It is a new born baby in transport industry just started in 1 august 2019. BITS vision is to improve transport service for each customers and for the transporters. The business concept is prepared after a long research journey  in transport sector. BITS have a motto to minimize the use of petroleum products by providing maximize service to the customers.  BITS will try to give a digital platform and technology driven to our customers. BITS is a small start-up to ease transport service in India. Bharat Inter Transport Services is a  very small try to integrate the transport industry to give better service to our partners. BITS don’t their customer as random one rather the only one. We believe that our customer is the king and we are their servant. Now we are working to provide online tracking of goods to our customers. BITS do business at a reasonable. Working on concept of green and clean India we always try to minimize use of petroleum products and maximize plantation.


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Mobile No: 8595237349, 8700929765

Website: bitspacksandtrans.com

Email: bitspacksandtrans@gmail.com